Overview of program: Our nature-inspired and play-based program is designed to peak the children’s interest through our Weekly Themes. 


FAQ for the 2022/23 play school year: 


What’s the hours of operation? 

We are open Sunday- Thursday from 7:30 - 16:30 with the option to enroll your child in Extended Day and Fridays for an additional fee. 


Tiny Toes is open on all minor holidays. 

Are you offering Extended Day (16:30-17:30)? 

Yes. Extended Day begins the 2nd week of September, after Transition Week until the end of the play school year in August. 


Will Fridays be offered? 

Of course! We offer 3 Fridays a month from October- July, unless there’s a family event ( ex: Thanksgiving picnic) or unforeseen circumstances that takes place instead. Operating hours are from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm. 

An additional email regarding Fridays will be sent in September, so be on the lookout!

Are you open during Kol Hamoed? 

No. We feel it’s important to give our teachers an appropriate amount of vacation time as we are thankful for their care towards your children and dedication to Tiny Toes. 


Appreciated teachers = minimized turnover rate 

What about August? 

As of now, we are closed beginning the 2nd week of August. However, there is a chance we will have katayna this upcoming year-  this will be determined by a number of factors at a later date. 


*Please do not register your child based on the assumption that we will 100% provide katayna. 


The last week in August is designated for Teacher Planning, Back to School Night, and phone conversation with parents. 


Are you licensed? 

Yes. Every year we take the necessary steps in order to renew our yearly licence through the Ministry of Labor. We are up to date on all required courses, background checks, and further additional requirements within the law, such as cameras. 


What’s the ratio and age range? 

Baby Class:We are accepting a total of 10  babies who will be 9 months- 1.5 years old by September 2022. There will be 3 full time teachers.


Toddler Class: We are accepting a total of 12 children who will be 1.10- 2.7 year’s old by September 2022. There will be 2 full-time teachers and a part time teacher in the mornings. 


Extended Day: 10 children : 2 teachers. 


Fridays: 10 children : 2 teachers. 

Do we provide food? 

Yes. We provide a nutritional vegetarian-style  breakfast, lunch, and snacks. A bi-weekly menu will be sent to parents at the beginning of each week. 


We are experienced and able to accommodate children with allergies. Should there be a food allergy, it’ll be taken off the menu and all parents within Tiny Toes will be notified. 


Do we celebrate holidays and birthdays? 

Yes. We celebrate holidays through culture( food and art) as we are a secular preschool that welcomes all religions, ethnicities, sexual orientation, and genders. 


Are vaccinations required? 

Yes. We must receive immunization records of each enrolled child before he or she can begin on the first day of school. 


Teachers must also follow the up to date Green Pass to be in the classroom. 


Are parents allowed to volunteer? 

We love when parents take initiative and want to volunteer their time. Not only is it a great way for teachers and parents to build a relationship, but it’s quality time parents get to spend with their child.  Parents are welcome to bring a special snack, read a favorite book, or plan a fun holiday activity!